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Two Scoops Column at ATWT Online, January 2005


“Bubbles” Betrothed
by Jennifer Biller

They must be making ice cubes in Hell, because the impossible has happened Scoopers: Henry got a storyline. And peel me off the ceiling, it appears to be a potential love story with Katie.

Finally, Henry admitted what we’ve all known for years: He loves his best friend. Sure, it’s likely that “Bubbles” will break his martini-loving heart in this fake-marriage scheme, but I’m not worried. Maybe Katie will discover her feelings go deeper than friendship, too.

The ruse of their engagement was hilarious, from Henry replacing Simon’s head in the engagement photo with his own, to that J-Lo sized diamond. And don’t get me started on those kissing scenes to make Mike jealous. Brilliant.

I can only hope that with this tale, we’ll find out more about Henry’s past. Although he’s been in Oakdale for years, we know little about him. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to find out that he did go to Harvard, is some kind of genius and is independently wealthy? All we know is that he is a pilot, he never works, and he has expensive taste in clothes, alcohol and women!

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