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Two Scoops Column at ATWT Online, February 15 2005


Henryís Straight Eye
by Jennifer Biller

Itís official: Henry is a metrosexual. He shops at Bed and Bath. He knows the color persimmon. He cries. And he loves women. Well, one woman, actually: Katie. This week, the years-long question about Henryís sexuality was finally put to rest. Heís obviously straight.

And before I get all giddy about the fact that my beloved Henry has been downright fantastic of late, letís take time to congratulate the gifted Trent Dawson for finally landing a contract for the role. After all these years, itís about time show execs realized this fan favorite is more than comic relief. Iíve been preaching the Henry love here so long and so militantly that Iíve risked the ire of readers, but some things just need said. I canít wait to see Henryís smirk gracing the opening credits with the rest of the cast, where he should have been all along.

As for this week, Henry was heartbreaking. Planning his perfect wedding to a woman who doesnít love him finally got the best of him. Needing a moment to himself, he told Katie in a defeated voice, devoid of his trademark humor and punch, that he needed to check the air in his tires. The excuse got him out the door to the front porch, where he broke down. As Katie watched his emotional moment through the window, she realized her friend really loved her. But true to character, a few seconds later, Henry was back to his jovial self, unaware of Katieís epiphany. The scenes were touching and perfect. Dawson has that rare ability to transition from sarcasm to humor to earnestness in mere seconds. Itís a thing of beauty. Forget the contract, just give him an Emmy.

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