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Two Scoops Column at ATWT Online, February 28 2005


In other musings:
--There is no better story being told on daytime right now than that of Katie and Henry Coleman. How refreshing, and realistic, to see a story about two friends grappling with the decision of whether to stay platonic. Itís a situation most of us have faced at some point in our lives. Who can fault Katie for wanting to fall in love with Henry? Heís dependable, always puts her first and loves her beyond measure. Watching her decide whether to trade passion for a lesser kind of love is riveting. And those kissing scenes were played perfectly, a little awkward and very hot, in a forbidden kind of way. Itís so nice to see a story that involves character history, friendship and emotions instead of psychotics, kidnappings or the latest plot device. Bravo!

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