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April 2006 Congratulations on your Emmy nomination.
TRENT DAWSON: Thank you. It makes people happy. It makes people here [at ATWT] happy; it makes my family happy. Thatís the [most] fun, I think, their excitement. Iíve never been married, but itís like, the wedding day is about everyone else but the married couple? [Laughs] Itís kind of like that. I mean, Iím thrilled, but I think the best part is that everyone else is happy. Where were you when you found out that you had been nominated?
TRENT DAWSON: I was in transit and then I got here at the studio and they had already announced my name. I had forgotten [the announcements were] supposed to happen. Someone came down and they told me. So, it was cool. Who is the first person you called when you found out?
TRENT DAWSON: The funny thing about that is, I found out that day that my cell phone had corrosion damage and I couldnít use it. So, all these people are calling me and I couldnít recharge it or use it. I think it was more about me catching up on my messages once I figured that out. Have you given any thought to your wardrobe on Emmy night?
TRENT DAWSON: I donít know! I have no idea. Iím going to let someone else decide that. Iíve always let the wardrobe department do something cool. I donít know if thereís a difference this year because of the nomination or what. Who knows? Maybe Iíll go shopping. Iím take some extra eyes, because Iím not good at that sort of thing. Do you have a good luck charm?
TRENT DAWSON: No, I donít. How do you think the Emmys will be different this year, since they are being held in L.A. and not N.Y.?
TRENT DAWSON: Well, for one thing, I live about 5 blocks from Rockefeller Center, so I wonít be able to roll out of my bed and just stroll to [the show]. And just walk home from the Emmys. Thatís always been fun. Iíve been talking to some people out there and the kind of experience it will be. Iíve only been out to L.A. a couple of times; Iím not that familiar with it. So, itís an adventure.


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