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Emmy Nomination Interview at, May 2008


Trent Dawson (Henry)
Nominee for Outstanding Supporting Actor Congratulations! How does it feel to be nominated once again?
TRENT DAWSON: It feels as good as it did the last two times. Itís great, it feels very good. Where were you when you found out?
TRENT DAWSON: I think the same place I was last year, on my couch at home. The couch must be a lucky spot.
TRENT DAWSON: You know I guess it is. I didnít think about it that way. Maybe I can bring the couch to the award ceremony and give me some luck there. Iíll just put the couch on the stage and hang out. You can say that you are passing on bringing a date so you can bring your couch.
TRENT DAWSON: Thatís another thing; I am not bringing a date this year. They are jinks. No dates, no parents, nothing. I am going completely alone. What scenes did you submit this year?
TRENT DAWSON: I submitted one with Vienna (Ewa Da Cruz) and Henry when they are trying to escape Oakdale and Henry is a limo driver. It was well-written and funny. It was when Ewa and I were really starting to get our comedic timing together. You know it ends with him making love to her in the backseat of the limo. The other one I chose was the bachelor party before the wedding that I walked out on. It had a nice arch to it and involved the old heartbreak of Henry and Katie; it was a nice journey.


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