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Details for Men, March 2006

Afternoon Delight
You're an actor.  You went to acting school.  You want to act.  So how did you end up taking your shirt off and reciting dialogue about amnesia, comas, and twins separated at birth?

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Excerpt from the article: Trent Dawson might be a handsome man, but at the moment the adjective that comes to mind is fetching.  It's Thursday morning, he's on the Brooklyn set of As the World Turns, and he's wearing a dress.  Or not exactly a dress, but the sort of getup that TV costume crews use to signify hotel maid, complete with a white apron, thigh-high black stockings, tottering heels, and a curly blonde wig with a kind of princessy doily affixed to it.  He is, by the way, six feet two inches tall.  Dawson, 34, has a substantial background in theater, and the quick-on-your-feet instincts that come with that, so he's often employed on As the World Turns for moments of comic relief.  "He's like Milton Berle," a camerawoman says.  "He's in drag all the time."  Ask Dawson why his character is in drag today, and he'll admit that he's not entirely sure, since they've been shooting the scripts out of sequence: "It's so convoluted right now."

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