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Ode to Henry

by MJ

Twas the night before the next when all through the house 
not a creature was stirring not even a louse. 
Katieís warm-up pants were hung with videos in mind, 
in hopes that the bucks she would soon find. 

The couple were snuggled all close in their bed, 
while visions of happiness danced in their heads. 
Simon in his boxers and Katie in her teddy 
had just settled in for a night of beddie.

When out in the parking lot there arose such a clatter, 
Katie sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. 
Away to the window she flew open the blinds, 
wiped off the steam and looked hard to find.

The moon of the breast of the fallen snow 
gave luster of midday to cars below. 
When what to her wondering eyes should appear, 
but a large black limo, with Henry near.

More rapid than eagles his servants they came, 
and he whistled and hollered as he called them names. 
To the top of the Lakeview to the top of it all, 
take my suitcases, take one take all.

As dry leaves before a hurricane fly, 
when they meet with an obstacle they mount to the sky, 
so up to the penthouse his servants they went 
with all Henryís luggage and much money spent.

And then in a twinkling Katie heard on the floor, 
the stepping of servants 9,10 and more. 
As she drew in her head and was turning around, 
down the hallway Henry came with a bound.

He was dressed in Gucci from his head to his feet, 
and his clothes were all fitted with silk like the elite. 
The tan on his face was brown as could be, 
and his hair was sun bleached looking very Tahiti.

The manner he walked was strong and proud, 
and the servants didnít complain if he was loud. 
A bundle of money he held tight in his hands, 
and he looked like a million from the tropical sands.

His eyes how they glistened, his face how merry, 
his cheeks were rosy, his nose like a cherry! 
He had a grin on his face and a big money belt,
which shined in the hall light as he danced about.

He was happy and merry, a right pleasant fellow, 
and Katie wondered when she saw him how much he mellowed. 
A look on his face and a wink of his eye, 
Katie soon knew she was going to cry.

He spoke not a word and went straight to his suite, 
knowing he soon would be circled with questions like a thief.

And lying down to a nice soft bed, 
Henry knew he had nothing to dread. 
In the morning he would spring with a bound, 
and take over Oakdale and make it his town.

He said to his servants go find a room; 
I will see you in the morning make it before noon.
But Katie heard him exclaim as he walked down the hall, 
Iím Henry, Iím back and watch me all!

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