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ATWT: Beware of Former Geeks Bearing Gifts
NY Daily News, September 2005

Henry bonds with a stranger named BJ next week on "As the World Turns," unaware that he's really an old high school classmate of Katie's - and he's after her.

"Henry's down on his luck," says Trent Dawson, who plays Henry. "He's lost his wife [Katie] and his best friend [Mike]. He's all alone, except for his little sister [Maddie]. So he goes on a bender. This guy comes over and is like, 'Can I buy you a drink?' They're the most homoerotic scenes ever." His name is Byron, but he is going by the name BJ to get close to the people in Katie's life without them knowing who he is.

"He's done a lot of things to change his look. He had plastic surgery and got a personal trainer. He was an overweight math geek with big glasses and now he's been transformed into Brian Gaskill," says Dawson, referring to the hunky actor who plays BJ/Byron.

BJ also has the one quality Henry appreciates most in a man.

"He's loaded," Dawson says. "He can solve Henry's financial problems. As things grow more complicated, Henry is willing to overlook any oddities because BJ has big bucks. Henry brings him into the fold and becomes a sounding board. He ends up getting a great job with this guy, so he's willing to live in denial - especially when it comes to Katie and Mike because they've hurt him."

In real life, though, they're his close pals.

In fact, Dawson is headlining a benefit with Terri Colombino (Katie) and Mark Collier (Mike) for Hurricane Katrina relief on Tuesday night (info below).

"I'm from Baton Rouge," Dawson says. "My aunt and uncle are from St. Bernard Parish. They got hit really bad. Our [soap's] wardrobe department sent boxes of clothes to them, and this benefit will help, too."

He's looking forward to being a celebrity bartender because his character is known for downing copious amounts of a certain cocktail.

"I make a mean martini, but I probably make them too strong," Dawson says, laughing. "Just a big glass of vodka with a stern look at the vermouth across the room."


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