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ATWT Online, Two Scoops Commentary, April 13, 2004


A Kiss To Build A Dream On
by Jennifer Biller
posted at ATWT Online

As far as kisses go, it wasnít earth-shattering. But Katieís peck on the forehead to Henry this week was all it took to cement my belief that these two are destined. The Katie/Henry/Mike triangle is the best story not being told right now.

Itís always interesting to me that soap execs often miss whatís obvious to viewers. Iím sure Pilar was brought back to be an obstacle for Mike and Katie, but a more believable obstacle was already in place. Itís blatantly evident that the third leg of this love triangle should be Henry.

Heís been watching Katieís back for years, scheming with her, drying her tears, and most of all, loving her from afar. What wasnít clear - until recently - was if Henryís affection was brotherly love or romantic. The last few weeks however, Trent Dawson has portrayed Henryís feelings for Katie as far more romantic in nature. A longing look here, a subtle double-entendre there - itís becoming clear that he sees her as more than a pal.

Maybe they shouldnít cross the friendship line; Itís one of daytimeís best. But what a powerful and realistic story it would be to have these two tempted. Henry is what Katieís been looking for. Heís excitement and stability all rolled into one. They could be daytimeís Harry and Sally.

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