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Four is a Blast!  SoapCity, January 2005


Mike and Katie? Mike and Jennifer? Katie and Henry? Hey, it could happen! Check out the first ever photo gallery of this Fantastic Four!


Meanwhile, Trent Dawson (Henry) muses about the evolution of Henry and Katie's relationship:

"In the beginning, our relationship was very much Master/Servant, very Svengali. I was telling her what to do and controlling her life. And then everything sort of shifted in terms of who's in control of what, and I became more of a lap-dog. This has been an interesting journey. Years and years ago, they said I should play up a sexual interest in Katie. This was my first year on the show, 1999. That lasted for about 10 minutes. And then the next thing I know, I was helping her get involved with Holden, and helping her get with someone and helping her get with whoever. It didn't really go anywhere, so I said, "Forget it." But I think because the relationship between them is so interesting, the attraction bubbles up. I didn't really try to play it. I think it just came out. Henry adores her. He's willing to slap her around when she deserves it, but he really adores her. I think the writers picked up on it, and I have this nice little speech where I say, "I'm in love with her!"

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