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Appearance on SoapNet's "Soap Talk," March 29, 2006


Today's special guest host was One Life To Live star Hillary B. Smith who joined Ty in welcoming their first guest, As the World Turns actor, Trent Dawson. Ty and Hillary congratulated Trent on his Emmy® nomination.

Hillary asked Trent if he adlibs a lot at work but Trent denied it saying that he does what the writers tell him to do!

Trent mentioned that he enjoys meeting fans and gets great feedback from them. He was especially happy to go down to Louisiana and aid in the Katrina relief effort and make people smile in a place where they hadn't smiled in a long time. Trent is from Baton Rouge.

Later Trent talked about how seeing Mel Gibson in the movie version of the play Hamlet in Athens, Greece made him decide to return to acting. He said he'd consider going on Dancing With the Stars if the opportunity came up.

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