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MY POV: They say nice guys finish last, and As the World Turns' Henry knows a little something about that. Although he's crushed on Katie Frasier for years, he's put his own feelings aside to assure her happiness with the men her heart has desired. Now he's willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, making Katie his platonic Mrs. in hopes that her former boyfriend Mike Kasnoff will become insanely jealous and stop the wedding. But I'm kind of hoping that Mike doesn't. With this selfless gesture, I'm seeing another side of Henry, past the martinis and zippy one-liners. This isn't puppy love he's feeling. He truly does care about Katie, which was overwhelmingly evident when he told Jennifer, Katie's rival for Mike's affection, he'd be there when she needed a friend because, "I'm good at that." Katie, girl, open those big blue eyes of yours and take another look at this gem you've got sitting right in front of you, before it's too late. 'Cause wouldn't it be nice to see, just once in a while, a nice guy finish first?


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