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Trent Dawson and Terri Colombino
Henry Coleman and Katie Perretti, As the World Turns

As the World Turns' Henry Coleman got a surprise this Valentine's Day: He married the object of his affection, his best friend Katie Perretti. Now Trent Dawson and Terri Colombino who play Henry and Katie respectively are basking in the afterglow as their characters evolve from friends to lovers. They're getting more screen time (Trent's on contract!) and a very real opportunity to become Oakdale's next big supercouple. Delaina Dixon

Trent, how long has Henry been in love with Katie?
Trent Dawson
: Probably longer than he realizes. It's been building and building. He's been in denial about it for a long time, but he finally told Jennifer, "I'm in love with Katie," and described what they've been through over the past five years. Maybe he's been in love with her since the beginning, unbeknownst even to him.

And Terri, how long has Katie known Henry was in love with her?
Terri Colombino
: I've been trying to figure that one out. I really don't think she knew for quite a long time. But there have been moments... I think subconsciously Katie chose not go there because she never thought of him in that way. She loves him so much as a friend, if [their romance] was not going to be forever, it would ruin the friendship.

Is Henry ready to be a husband and fix things around the house and take out the garbage?
: Fix things? He went to an island with this broad. He's lied for her and gone to jail for her I don't think taking care of the garbage is going to be an issue. He's ready for the whole domestic situation.

Henry is the type of guy a girl could overlook. What would he need to do to finally win Katie over?
Dawson: How did he become that guy? When Henry started off, he was the worst. Terri, answer the question so it can help me out in my own personal life! [Chuckles] I'm not a nice guy, I'm a dark and serious man.
Colombino: Katie needs to feel like she's going to lose him and realize what she took for granted.

Is it weird that people now perceive Henry as "the nice guy" when he started off so rotten?
: It's funny that there's sympathy out there for Henry. I haven't really adjusted to it yet. I still think of him as kind of snarky. I don't want him to lose too much of his dastardly edge. He needs to blackmail someone soon.

A lot of the fans have been pushing for a Katie-Henry pairing. Are you ready for your characters to go from great platonic friends to great lovers?
: I think it's a natural progression, though I never really pictured it that way. But now that it's there, it does make sense because they have such a rich history.
Dawson: What resonated with the fans, and with us too, is that it's great to see an adult male and female be friends, but it's even more interesting to see a relationship grow out of that, especially one that has so much depth to it.

Terri, you've done several love scenes, but this would be new territory for you, Trent. Are you ready for a bare butt shot in the shower?
: Would you be willing to do that, Trent? He's got the best butt on the show.
Dawson: I'm ready for it, but I don't think Henry and Katie will be getting these great sex montages. It will be more like they just made love, and at the end of a scene will go off to make more, which would say we're good at it.
Colombino: Janet [Jackson] ruined it for us!

As their relationship moves forward, will we get to learn more about Henry's past?
: I've been asking for it. I've always wanted to know who his mother is, because who created this guy? He has mentioned that he has a sister and things of that nature, but it's usually in the middle of him lying about something, so I don't know how much of it is true.

Your characters are best friends on screen. What's your real-life relationship?
: I disgust her.
Colombino: And he hates me. [Laughs]No, we're good friends.
Dawson: She just gave me a wonderful birthday present and card.
Colombino: Now that I don't live in the city, I'm not much of a partyer, but we've had several nights of drunken fun.

Who's more likely to screw up lines in a scene first?
: Me.
Dawson: Oh, Terri. For me, it's usually blocking that goes before lines. I forget to make a move, and she'll gesture to me. I act like that cross to a new spot came back into my mind all on my own.
Colombino: And he'll use a prop to remind me of my next line. That happened at the wedding. Henry was bringing Snickers as a surprise. I was supposed to look at the rabbit, but I forgot and was looking at Trent, so he held Snickers up.

Trent, you've just been put on contract. Did Henry's blossoming romance with Katie sway the execs to make you a series regular?
: I'm not sure what came first, chicken-and-egg-wise. It was a very nice surprise, and once I got things straightened out I said, "This would be a good idea." It's a little more job security, and I'm glad to be a part of the team.

How are you celebrating your new status?
: My upstairs neighbors told me they can hear everything that happens on my couch, so I bought an area rug so my voice doesn't bounce around the apartment. I went and bought it like it was nothing. That's what being a series regular does for you.

Do you think that Katie and Henry can become a lasting supercouple?
: I do hope so.
Colombino: We could be the most unlikely supercouple ever.
Dawson: Couldn't we?


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