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MY POV: All right, I want As the World Turns' Katie Perretti Coleman to write the self-help book Learning to Love the Man Who Already Loves You All the Way to the Altar. Moments before her wedding ceremony was about to start, Katie's former lover, Mike Kasnoff, was begging her not to go through with it. Not because he was willing to end his relationship with Jennifer and reunite with Katie, but because he knew that Katie needed to be in a passionate affair. But Katie schooled him, saying she was ready to be with someone who would support and love her unconditionally. Still, I don't know how she kept that smile plastered on her face as she stood across from an obviously smitten Henry Coleman, who couldn't believe he was about to legally become her husband. Mike stood behind Henry as his best man, obviously pained that Katie was going to go through with this charade. But she kept her ground all the way through their vows. Who knows if Katie really meant what was she was saying about Henry being her soulmate, or if she thinks that by repeating it, she'll start to believe it's true. Doesn't matter. The fact that she's trying is what makes this unusual tale of love intriguing. Should Mike have fought harder to stop the wedding? Tell us what you think in Monday's soaps poll.


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