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CBS Soaps in Depth, November 16, 2004

Standout Scenes: Katie and Henry Reunite!

Terri Colombino's Katie has had great chemistry with plenty of leading men, from Paul Leyden (ex-Simon) to Mark Collier (Mike).  But if there's one guy we've loved her with from day one, it's Trent Dawson's Henry.  And their scenes at Metro were a perfect reminder of why these two are so perfectly matched.  Dawson's coming timing was dead on as Henry rolled his eyes and mocked Katie for not coming clean with Mike, and they banter between these two was a  fresh as ever.  We'd love to quote you some choice bits of witty dialogue, but we just don't have room to transcribe the entire episode!

(Fortunately I do!  Read the whole scene here.)


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