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Previews of February Sweeps, 2005, with Head Writer Hogan Sheffer


CBS Soaps in Depth, February 8, 2005:
Big Surprises for Katie!
Katie begins to have second thoughts about her grand scheme to make Mike jealous when she realizes that marrying Henry may hurt her friend even more than she could have imagined.  "What we've got here is a race to the altar to see who's gong to stop the wedding," Sheffer previews.  "And what happens is going to be a huge surprise.  And what happens afterwards, an even bigger one!"


Soaps Opera Digest, February 1, 2005:
"Mike, suspecting that [Henry and Katie's wedding] is a scheme, is just determined to stay in love with Jennifer and call Katie's bluff.  The race is on in February to find out just whether or not the marriage will happen and there are going to be huge surprises with this group in the next couple of months.  It's a whole new Henry - same great guy, but in a circumstance that he never suspected he'd be in."


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