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CBS Soaps in Depth, March 22, 2005 the next SID, on sale March 22...

Spring Preview: A Surprise Romance!
After a few false starts, Oakdale's unlikeliest newlyweds find real romance.  "Katie's relationship with Henry grows beautifully.  But she still has a vested interest in Mike."  But what about Kasnoff's own feelings?  "He is committed to Jennifer," Dwyer-Dobbin maintains.  Until, that is, "a big problem starts to develop" as the result of Jennifer and Craig's thoroughly shocking "merger."

Hottest Stories: Is Katie Growing Up?
Katie's been stirring up trouble on ATWT for a while, but it seems as though she refuses to learn from her  mistakes.  "When I started five years ago," recalls headwriter Hogan Sheffer, "she was this little hellraiser at WOAK plotting to seduce Holden, of all things.  So she's not the same kid."  Believing that Katie's marriage to Simon and her current status as Mrs. Henry Coleman have forced her to grow up, the scribe still doesn't se the blonde bombshell ever completely changing her stripes.  "She's always going to be Katie," Sheffer says smiling.  "There is a schemer in Katie, but there's also something else, which is going to shock her when she discovers it.  And that's part of what's going on here.  This is a maturing process for Katie, and Henry's going to help her get there."

Standout Scenes: Katie Sees the Truth!
In the beginning, the only reason that Katie agreed to marry Henry was to make Mike jealous enough to want her back.  But when she spied on her fiancÚ in a private moment and saw how devastated he was at how little their wedding meant to her, she grasped what it really meant to him.  The realization hit Katie like a ton of bricks, and when Mike accused her of using her tears to manipulate him, she lashed out and informed him that she was emotional because she was about to marry an incredible man who loved her unconditionally.  It was an unexpected turning point in a storyline we thought we already knew the ending of.  And we're so glad that we were wrong!


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