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CBS Soaps In Depth, April, 2002


Will Henry Ruin Katie’s Plans?

ATWT’s trouble making twosome reunites when Trent Dawson reprises the role of Katie’s sometime cohort, Henry Coleman, beginning Monday, April 29.

The In Depth Story:

Although Dawson’s return, originally slated for Valentine’s Day, was delayed by scheduling conflicts, no one was more thrilled than Terri Colombino (Katie) to finally have her comedic partner back. “When I first got my script that said ‘Katie and Henry,’ I called him,” the actress reports. “I said, ‘Guess what!’ I mean, he knew he was coming back, but I was just so excited.”

Even the ATWT crew was thrilled to see Dawson back on the set. “It’s because we entertain them,” Colombino explains with a laugh. “They say, ‘You two are so good together. He brings out the best in you.’ And I feel that way, too.”


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