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CBS Soaps in Depth, May 11, 2009


May Sweeps Previews: The Truth Explodes!
Despite their best efforts, the secret that Henry is the biological father of Vienna's unborn child is about to come out!  "Katie and Brad will figure out that they've been duped," the writer [Jean Passanante] previews.  "There are a lot of painful exchanges in the course of that, and there is a threat to their friendship as a result.  Obviously!"

Set Your DVR:
Henry has been denying his true feelings for a while now, but on Tuesday, May 5, Vienna finally gets her lover to open both his heart and his mouth.  Will she regret it?

Remote Patrol: Drama-Free Zone
We get that ATWT usually plays Henry and Vienna as comic relief.  But the story in which the fun-loving couple are preparing to hand off their child to Brad and Katie deserves better than to be played a slapstick.  So far, we've seen moments during which the underlying dramatic possibilities have tried to poke their way through, but those have been few and far between.  Here's hoping that as this story moves forward, it - and the characters - are given the respect they deserve.


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