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CBS Soaps in Depth, September 6 and 20, 2005

Can Maddie Reunite Katie and Henry?
ATWT's Maddie came to visit her brother, but she doesn't seem to be in any hurry to go back, so might there be an ulterior motive for this strip?  "She has a pretty rough family life back home," reveals her portrayer, Alexandra Chando.  "Henry is more of a father figure to her.  They're really close.  So she just wants to live with him and have that sort of family aspect that she's been  missing."  Of course, every family needs a mom, and Maddie is convinced that Katie is Henry's perfect match, so the teen will stop at nothing to bring them back together.  "She knows what she wants, and she'll pretty much do anything to get it," Chando promises.  "She's very determined!"  But with Katie still madly in love with Mike, is Maddie fighting a losing battle?

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