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CBS Soaps in Depth, September 28, 2009

Remote Patrol: Welcome Back!
Sure, it's beyond repetitive for James Stenbeck to rise from the grave yet again - not to mention having the guy claim that this time, he's really, truly, swear-on-my-mama dying - but darned if he hasn't been a shot of adrenaline for ATWT.  Pairing Anthony Herrera's unkillable bad boy with Lynn Herring's Audrey - and making him the father of Henry - has allowed the writers and their talented cast to weave the best kind of daytime story; one that combines drama with comedy.  The entire thing would, frankly, be a mess in the hands of less skilled actors, but thanks to everyone involved - including Roger Howarth's Paul and Colleen Zenk Pinter's Barbra - this is further proof of just how great this soap can be when it is firing on all cylinders!

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