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CBS Soaps in Depth, October 19, 2004


You Ask the Questions to...
Terri Colombino

Q: What has been one of the funniest scenes to film?
A: Probably some of the stuff that Trent [Dawson, Henry] and I did on the island with Cooley.  When he had to kiss Cooley with the poison lipstick, that was pretty funny.  Anything with Trent, really.  I mean - enough said!

Q: I adore Trent Dawson.  You two have excellent chemistry.  Would you like to see a romance bloom between Henry and Katie?
A: Thanks - I adore Trent, too.  But I don't think that they have romantic potential.  I  mean, what I love about their relationship is that he pines for her, but it will never be realized.  And I think that's kind of true to life.  There's always those friendships where one person likes the other person, but it's always just going to be a friendship.  But I would like for them to get drunk, get together one night, and then be embarrassed and have to deal with it.  See how it affects their friendship.  That might be fun.


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