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e-mail newsletter from December, 2001

Look for Katie’s kooky pal, Henry Coleman, to resurface on ATWT on
Valentine’s Day.

The In Depth Story: As played by Trent Dawson, Henry has endeared himself not
only to a large portion of ATWT fans, but also to the cast. “I love working
with Trent,” raves frequent scene partner Terri Colombino (Katie). Adds
Michael Park (Jack): “We have been blessed with some really great talent on
this show, especially Trent.”

Kim Onasch, meanwhile, once harbored hopes of a Jennifer/Henry matchup. “They
could become a little couple and get all evil together!” she laughs. “Henry
is such a great character. And Trent is a character all by himself.”

So, what circumstances will surround the return of Henry, who last was seen
in possession of the priceless diamond which Katie (and Simon before her)
once sought so feverishly? All an ATWT rep will say is, “It won’t be at all
what the audience expects! So stay tuned!”


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