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Soap Opera Digest, January 12, 2010


Thumbs Up!  Body Snatcher
Brad's ghost finally found a way to reach out to Katie (and even hold his own son) by possessing Henry's body, prompting some hilarious slapstick comedy from portrayer Trent Dawson, who has made every moment of Henry wrestling with his dual personalities worth watching.  Seeing him mimic Brad's mannerisms in the mirror was a riot, as was his bicker-laden transformation from one alter to the other as Henry desperately tried to regain control of his own body.  "Would you give me back my body, you crazy dead man?  I'm sorry, dude, okay?  I'm sorry.  I'm just gonna hang on to it a little bit longer.  You dig?  I'm gonna dig you a whole new grave as soon as I'm out of here for good!"  Dawson's sheer physicality is a testament to his talent, as well as his commitment to admittedly a somewhat outrageous storyline.


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