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Soap Opera Digest, January 21, 2003


"Soap Dish" Feature
SOD asks the actors to dish about their co-workers

Least Like His Character:  Trent Dawson (Henry)  "He's such a good actor, and he's not like his character at all.  He's pretty mellow.  He's very smart, too." 
        - Michael Park


Classic Lines

(Rosanna wants Henry to continue investigating Carly's indiscretion, but he is hesitant because of a threat from Katie.)

Rosanna:  Mm-hmm.  Carly got to you, didn't she?

Henry:  No, no, she didn't.  It's another blonde.  One of my business partners objects to me working for you because it seems that it is bad form to try to break up two of Oakdale's hottest and cutest couples.

Rosanna:  Henry, you know all that money I owe you?  I won't pay you enough to keep you in martini olives if you don't show up at Jack and Carly's honeymoon cottage with proof.

Henry:  Jack is very sinewy.  Can I just mail it to them?


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