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Soap Opera Digest, January 27, 2004


How does Henry feel about Katie's (Terri Colombino) romantic life?  Trent Dawson says: "He has loyalty to her and her happiness, and Mike seems to make her happy.  But he's a little jealous at the same time... and then Simon comes in!"


Let Them Entertain You

The Entertainers: Henry Coleman

Laugh Track: Known for his acerbic wit and martini fetish, Henry has become Oakdale's go-to guy for conspiracy and blackmail - and in disguises ranging from pregnant woman to island temptress, he's always dressed for success.

Cheerleader Trent Dawson

How was he described to you when you auditioned?  "They made a reference to the comedian Jay Mohr, which was interesting.  What that led me to was that he is someone whosod012704_3.jpg (10874 bytes) plays the opposite, in acting terms.  That's what Christopher Walken does a lot - saying stuff in an antithetical way to the way it's written.  My first scenes were at WOAK, battling all these people because they were trying to run a TV station; he had been hired because he knew what to do and they didn't.  Which was very strong for me, as an actor, to go in and say, 'I'm better than everyone else at this.'  He kept having to be bugged by this land of gentry , but they were the bosses, so he spend a lot of time slapping them in the face without them realizing it."

Has Henry changed since then?  "Yeah.  He went from being very selfish to... not quite sod012704_4.jpg (20591 bytes)as selfish [laughs].  They've given him a lot more heart.  There was a period where he was getting really cartoonish, like the island stuff, which was fun to do, but I started losing my grasp on who the guy was.  he didn't start off as quite the comic relief; he was much more snarky, and he was a lot more sinister.  There's something more endearing about him now.  I still like it when he has a bite in him."

Do you ever add to his dialogue?  "It's pretty much as-written.  I've taken a little more liberty in the last year, but I rarely change it because someone else wrote it, and maybe it's a theater thing with me, but I don't like to screw with other people's jobs.  I don't ask them to read the lines for me, so why should I change what they wrote?"

Do your co-stars constantly laugh during Henry's hijinks?  "When he was a pregnantsod012704_2.jpg (17975 bytes) woman, it was hard for people to keep a straight face.  I think that was one time where we had to call cut because some of the crew was cracking up.  But I crack up a lot, too, and I try to hold it.  [Recently,] Henry walked in on Kasnoff and Katie embracing.  I opened the door, they have two hand-held cameras, the lighting was sort of burlesque and they're rolling around on the floor and it looked like they were shooting a porn.  I started screaming and I almost fell over.  That's me losing it."

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