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Soap Opera Digest, February 3, 2009

Extended Stay: Political unrest left an As The World Turns star stranded recently in Southeast Asia.  "I went to Thailand for a week and then protesters took over the airport, so I ended up spending three," explains Trent Dawson (Henry).  But have no fear, he was unharmed.  "I wasn't in Bangkok [where the antigovernment protests took place], so all it really did was limit me from getting out of Thailand," he notes.  "I had a wonderful time.  I'd go back even after everything that happened."  Despite the turmoil, Dawson found the country, and the Thai people, delightful.  "It's very laid-back," he praises.  "Even the protesters were funny; they were giving the stranded tourists food and telling them how sorry they were for stranding them for Thanksgiving.  It's a typical Thai thing, [but] the tourists were like, 'You're ruining my life!' and they were like, 'We didn't mean to!'  So, they weren't' taking it out on us at all except for the fact that they wouldn't let us travel!"

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