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Soap Opera Digest, February 4, 2003


This article talked about the tradition of dressing men as women on soaps, including Another World's Cass, Days of Our Lives' Bart, and our Henry.  Here's an excerpt from an interview with ATWT makeup artist Kevin Bennett:

How does one turn a square jaw and chiseled cheekbones into a peaches-and-cream complexion?  Daytime Emmy award-winning makeup artist Kevin Bennett shares his secrets.

"It's actually not that different from doing women's makeup," explains Bennett, who transformed Stephen Schnetzer into "Crystal Lake," and Trent Dawson into "Henrietta."  "The main thing is making sure their beards or Adam's apples don't show.  Then, it's just taking whatever feature they have that's the most feminine on their face and accentuating that instead of everything else.  A lot of times, what you do is take the hard angles of a guy's face and do a lot of highlighting and contour work.  It's almost like drag makeup, but how much you put on depends on the storyline.  On Another World, Cass was supposed to pass for a woman for an extended storyline, so it couldn't be over the top.  It had to be a little bit funny, but couldn't look too 'draggy.'  We made Crystal look like what some might call a 'handsome woman' - the Tootsie of daytime.  On the other hand, with Trent, we could go right over the top with him.  It could almost be like Halloween because it was so much larger than life.  Here was this character with this ridiculous accent, these big glasses, this badly cut pageboy wig and this horrible trailer-park maternity dress.  We didn't have to worry about it if we went too far with the makeup."

So, how did the guys react to being made over?  "Stephen was awesome about it," Bennett praises.  "He even made one final appearance as Crystal at the last Another World fan club gathering.  Trent was also a doll.  He sat down in the makeup chair and asked, 'Please, just make me pretty.'  So we did.  We made him this sweet, kind of dumb pregnant girl, who just had unusually large hands."

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