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Soap Opera Digest, March 16, 2010

More from the Soap Opera Digest Insider email: "Because I'm still relatively new as the ATWT editor (taking over after GL went off the air. Sniff!), there are still several players over in Oakdale I haven't met, so I was thrilled to finally chat with Trent Dawson (Henry) for a feature interview in the new issue. If you're ever curious whether some actors are as funny or quirky as their daytime alters, well, with Dawson I was pleasantly surprised to find out that's the case. Dawson reflects on favorite leading ladies, ATWT's cancellation and on his decade in Oakdale, which the actor still can't believe. It's not a surprise then that he's still taken aback when fans recognize him on the street. "Never got used to it!" he admits. "When people stare at me in New York, it's like, 'What are you lookin' at?'" he laughs. "You get defensive. I was quite surprised and still am. It's like, what's going on here? Is my zipper undone? Then it's, 'Oh right, yeah. I'm on TV.' I forget all the time!" Read more of Dawson's musings in "Regarding Henry" on page 68."
[I think this will be in the March 30 issue, on sale March 23.]

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