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Soap Opera Digest, March 29, 2005

CBS Gossip

Taking the Lead: In five years, he has gone from short-term scoundrel to beloved sidekick and now, Henry's moving into romantic-leading-man territory.  "It's been very rich," says Trent Dawson (Henry) of the delicate transition.  "I know he has been comic relief, and I didn't want it to be, 'Tonight, on a very special As the World Turns...' like it's a sitcom and suddenly there's this serious side to Henry.  But the way they've done it is very good, I think.  There's still room for the same Henry there, the way you deal with situations through humor or denial.  A lot of denial."

Mail Bag
Though they were skeptical at first, Oakdalers are warming to Henry and Katie's marriage on As the World Turns.


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