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Soap Opera Digest, June 2, 2009


Summer's Hottest Stories: Brad/Katie/Henry/Vienna

Katie's pregnancy really brings these couples together.  In fact, when Katie is told she needs bed rest, it's Vienna who's chosen to fill her spot on "Oakdale Now."  Henry is adamantly opposed to Vienna's new career choice and will take drastic actions to get her off the show.


Thumbs Down: Labor Dispute

Via artificial insemination, Vienna's egg was fertilized with Brad's sperm so he and barren wife Katie could have a family.  However, Vienna miscarried and immediately got pregnant by her child-unfriendly boyfriend, Henry - but they still wanted to give the baby to the clueless Snyders.  Months of dramedy to follow, right?  Nope, Brad and Katie discovered their pals' well-intentioned hustle and went ballistic - and then Vienna lost the baby anyway.

Now we can't help but lament what could've been: After multiple close calls of the ruse being exposed, the baby arrives and is handed over to a thrilled Katie and Brad.  Later, Henry can't ignore his paternal feelings and blabs all.  The stage is set for one hulluva custody battle.  With such dishy plot potential squandered, we're left to wonder:  What was the reason for this setup to begin with?


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