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Soap Opera Digest, June 21, 2005


Thumbs Up: O Henry

After an initial few months of bullying, Henry has basically lived to served Katie for the last six years.  He went along with every scheme, rolling over obediently even when it meant his pain for her gain, because he was content just to be in her presence.

Finally, inconceivably, he actually got her, not only in name, but in spirit.  She honestly wanted to make their marriage work in every sense.  And all he had to do was look the other way when her gaze occasionally lingered on last love Mike.  It was then, with lifelong near-happiness within his grasp, that Henry finally put his foot down, risking his own heart by demanding that his wife fully give hers to him.

Portrayer Trent Dawson has always made Henry far more than the sum of his quirky parts; his blissful few moths as Katie's significant other effectively bared his soul.  His decision to stand on his own showed his spine and gave us a while new reason to love him.


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