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Soap Opera Digest, June 22, 2004

A Dog's Life
"I just adopted a cat from the Humane Society.  It's a great cause, and tonight they're celebrating their 100th anniversary!" said ATWT's Trent Dawson (Henry, with co-star McKenzie Satterthwaite, Nikki), who took to the runway to show off some shelter dogs who were up for adoption.

Sound Off: Regarding Henry
I have such mixed feelings about Simon's return on ATWT.  I used to be an avid Simon/Katie fan, but something happened with Mike, which made me believe that he and Katie truly belong together.  Now, something even more interesting has happened: Since Katie was admitted to the hospital, she and Henry have been pure joy to watch.  Henry's undying devotion to Katie has been touching; the quick-witted conversations between them make their scenes must-see.  The couplings of Simon/Katie and Mike/Katie have lost their appeal.  To bring even a favorite character [like Simon] back so many times with no emotional investment in the pay-off only frustrates viewers.  Send Katie and Henry on a vacation together while Terri [Colombino, Katie] is on maternity leave, and let them come back for some romantic bliss!
-N.B., Woodbury, MN

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