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Soap Opera Digest, June 29, 2004


Thumbs Up: Platonic with a Twist

It's pretty obvious that we can't get enough of Katie and Henry.  As ATWT's shining example of devoted allegiance, there is always a new moment between them (no matter how silly the story) to cherish, as the psych-ward scenes proved.

After Henry's latest display of loyalty - voluntary commitment - Katie wondered about his willingness to sacrifice everything for her, despite the fact that he's admittedly no saint.  "Don't make me say it, okay?  We've got a good thing going here.  Let's not, you know, ruin it by embarrassing displays," he replied in a rare moment of awww-shucks shyness that was far more tender than expected.

Terri Colombino and Trent Dawson have sparkling chemistry as platonic soul mates, and ATWT wisely uses it to present something you don't see often on soaps - unrequited love that is unlikely to blossom into anything more.  That's what makes it so poignant and why they've become one of the show's most resonant and consistent couples.  Here's to the continuation of a beautiful friendship.




Classic Lines

(Katie plans to make a fake ID to help Henry escape the psych ward.)

Katie:  I have a picture of you in my wallet.  If you go get it, I'll do the rest.

Henry:  You carry a picture of me?

Katie:  Well, I carry a picture of Snickers, but you're holding him.


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