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Soap Opera Digest, July 4, 2006

One June 4, stars from four New York-based sudsers hit the field for the 8th Annual Tammy Rubin Rice Celebrity Softball Game in Brooklyn, which benefited the Shorefront Friends for Hospice.  The ABC team bested the CBS team 22-20.

"Let me tell you who ABC fielded," laughs ATWT's competitive Trent Dawson (Henry).  "I don't want to get into gender issues, but they had one woman and everyone else was guys, including their security personnel.  I think a couple of them were minor league players!  We were teaching Jen Ferrin (Jennifer) how to bat that morning.  She gave her all and actually got a single!  Alex (Chando, Maddie) was pretty phenomenal."

"If they want to bring it on like than next year we'll bring some ringers of our own.  Michael Park (Jack) is pretty good friends with the New York Mets organization," says Dawson.  "We'll field the '86 World Series team out there if that's what it takes to beat ABC."




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