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Soap Opera Digest, August 8, 2006


Roundup Question: What would your fantasy dressing room include?

Trent's Answer: Well, Michael Park's [Jack] got the fantasy dressing room.  He doesn't have a bed in there, but he's got a TV with Xbox, a minifridge.  I'm pretty happy with my dressing room, though.  I wouldn't want the Xbox because I don't know if I should get lost in Tiger Woods Golf when I'm at work.


CBS Gossip, Posthumous Praise: Think you were the only one bawling when Jen died?  So was the cast.  Trent Dawson (Henry) reports that her portrayer, Jennifer Ferrin, had everyone in tears.  "Her death scenes - oh, my gosh!  I couldn't watch.  Thank God, Henry's not in the room," says the actor, who was working the day they were taped.  "I remember the stage manager coming over the intercom saying, 'Next up is this...' and you could hear her crying in the background!  People were just losing it.  She's extraordinary!"


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