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Soap Opera Digest, August 10, 2010

Poll Call: Should Henry forgive Katie for helping Vienna?

67%  Yes!  They're best friends.
28%  Maybe.  Katie needs t prove her friendship to him again.
5%  No.  She made a huge mistake and Henry is right to be upset.

Thumbs Down: Farewell, Liebchen

Vienna's complicated plot to marry Henry and keep him away from Barbara by faking her pregnancy was twisted, desperate and incredibly selfish.  When it finally blew up in her face, she spiraled out of control, turning this once lovable character into a lying, despicable and completely unredeemable neurotic.  What a shame.

Vienna's always been a strong, albeit wacky, character whose refreshingly unconventional ways (including her fun, kinky romance with Henry) were part of her charm.  Turning her into a blind, pathetic schemer who instantly fell into a sad, blubbering mess when Henry refused to forgive her goes against what made Vienna so unique in the first place.

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