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Soap Opera Digest, October 28, 2003


Classic Lines

(Paul and Henry eavesdrop on Dusty talking to Molly about Rose.)

Dusty: I sacrificed a lot to be with that girl.  I'm not giving up now because Paul made some half-baked move on her.

Paul (listening in the surveillance van): That was not a half-baked move.  That was a full-baked move.  That move practically had frosting on it!

Henry: Mmmm... frosting.


Ahoy, "Matie!"
An interview with Terri Columbino (Katie) and Mark Collier (Mike)

(Terri and Mark are talking about if they ever thought of Mike and Katie as a couple.)

Columbino: I didn't at first because I knew that they would let Katie mourn for a while.  I mean, they had to, and they did do a good job with that.  I started thinking about who, age-wise, Katie would go with.  I thought maybe it would be Paul, when Scott [Holroyd] was sill there.  Mike was an option, too.  And Henry!  A lot of fans thought Henry would have a chance.

Digest: They're still hoping for a triangle.

Columbino: What kind of triangle?  He wants Mike too?

Collier (laughing): Yeah, I'm not sure whose team Henry's on.

Columbino: No, Henry is in love with Katie.  I love that Trent [Dawson, Henry] does that, it's sweet.

Collier: Yeah.  He always does it when it's not written, obviously.  He's a great actor.


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