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Soap Opera Digest, December 4, 2001


Late-Breaking News: Casting About

"Keep an eye out for Henry's return to As the World Turns soon."


Interview with Terri Colombino and Paul Leyden

Digest: Supposedly, the next adventure leads to Henry.
Colombino: Oh, good!
Leyden: That's great.  That was ultimately what all three of us wanted.  The most perfect thing would be to get Katie and Simon to a point where they're happy together, they're having so much fun, yet they have no money.  Simon doesn't want to do suit jobs and Katie doesn't want to get her hands dirty, either.  So, that's when Henry comes back to town with the diamond, really rich.  And we all split the  money and become the richest people in Oakdale....
Digest: You really think Henry would just give them the money?
Colombino: Yeah, they might have a fight on their hands with that one.
Leyden: But even that could be fun, getting the money out of him.  Then, they all become the pimps of Oakdale and spend heaps of money.  How much fun would that be?
Colombino: Oh, I know.
Leyden: They're irresponsible about it, but trying to be responsible.
Colombino: I agree with that.


Carolyn Hinsey: It's Only My Opinion

Henry's got to be out of sunscreen by now.  Bring that boy home!


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