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Soap Opera Digest, December 9, 2003


Roundup Question:
Who is the one person in your cast you haven't worked with, but want to?

Trent Dawson (Henry, ATWT):
I've had two words with Larry Bryggman [John, inset].  That would be a lot of fun.  And Scott Holmes [Tom], at some point.  I'm working with Benjy [Hendrickson, Hal] next week, which is great, because [Randolph] Mantooth - I love to say his name - was [filling in as] Hal when Henry was working with him.  Benjy and I have never really had scenes together.  But I've made almost the entire circuit now.  Henry has threatened or been threatened by the entire cast.  Every man, woman and child has grappled with him.

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