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"About My Character" Feature in Soap Opera Update
July 17, 2001

(Trent Dawson talks about his character, Henry Coleman)

Henry can't say no to Katie--ever. That's why he agreed to go with her on his island excursion. She's asked him to do some ridiculous stuff in the past, and Henry has done some stuff on his own, like dressing in drag (twice!) to help her. Deep down, Henry has a lot of love for Katie. Henry did profess his affection while on the island, but there were so many other things to worry about. Cooley was ready to pounce on them...and just the survival factor--they were living off of mangos, for God's sake!

That stuff with Cooley, though, was so hysterical. Filming all of it was like being on an obstacle course every day. The show brought real sand in and everything. It was like we had our own little beach area. Henry's survival skills improved. He caught a rabbit, but of course, Katie had to fall in love with it and refused to eat it. She's such a pain! Henry showed up on the island with his martini kit and that's about it. So once the gin went, Henry got a little nuts. And you know, he and Cooley eventually began to bond.

Henry is going to come back from all of this very rich. There's an opportunity for him here to get past his greediness and driven ambition to sort of stop and smell the roses. A small fortune--if it lands in his lap--is going to make him the same ol' Henry twice over.

I wouldn't mind for Henry to become involved with Rose--it would just be so much fun. He'd have to take her shopping and use his fashion sense. Henry doesn't have the patience for children, so I don't believe that he'll be settling down anytime soon.


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