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Season 1, Episode 10
Showtime, December 4, 2011


Trent appeared in Episode 10 (titled "Representative Brody") of Season 1 of the Showtime hit Homeland, but savvy viewers, er, listeners, might have recognized his voice on the phone in another episode a few weeks earlier.  The juxtaposition of these two appearances might provide a clue for his Season 2 role in the show (coming fall 2012). 

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Trent plays "a representative from the State Department" named Kyle Galyean (according to IMDB).  Here's a brief summary of his scene: "A representative from the State Department doesn't like the CIA's plan of meeting with Al Sahrani for two hours during his lunch break. Saul and Estes don't seem to care. The plan is for Carrie to run the interrogation, because her being a woman could throw him off."  The meeting goes ahead despite Kyle's protests, and the team convinces the Saudi Arabian diplomat to give them some information that leads to a meeting with the terrorist they're trying to catch.  The meet goes bad with terrible consequences, and Kyle Galyean is in the room when it happens, watching the events unfold.

Here are a few "screencaps" of Trent on Homeland.

the credits:

Trent's big scene, opposite David Harewood, Claire Danes, and Mandy Patinkin (!).

the second scene, in which everyone is watching what happens as the sting operation falls apart


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