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Charity Softball Game
Brooklyn, NYC
June 7, 2003

Photos courtesy of Roger of


softball_group3.jpg (66508 bytes)
the CBS team


softball_anthem.jpg (64197 bytes)
the playing of the National Anthem


softball_group2.jpg (48575 bytes)
the guys (and girl)


softball_group1.jpg (54463 bytes)
goofing around


softball_group4.jpg (31822 bytes)


softball_group5.jpg (59556 bytes)
more celebrating


softball_trent1.jpg (51606 bytes)


softball_trent3.jpg (30061 bytes)
Trent at the plate


softball_trent2.jpg (17874 bytes)
Trent covering 1st base


softball_trent4.jpg (31012 bytes)
Trent with Liz, Roger, and Lyle



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