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ATWT Fan Club Luncheon, April 21, 2001

Trent on stage with Ritchie Coster (Gabe), Michael Park (Jack),
Mariah D'aprile (Hope), and Martha Byrne (Lily/Rose)

Trent with vets Helen Wagner (Nancy), Anthony Herrera (James),
and Eileen Fulton (Lisa)

A hidden door opens and Trent almost falls off the stage!
(thanks to Christine for the photo)

Terri Conn (Katie) and Trent clowning around on stage.
(thanks to Christine for the photos)

Trent leaving the stage, with Terri and Anne Sayre (Mitzi)

Sunny, Anne, Trent, and Terri in CBS Soaps in Depth

Sunny and Roger with Trent and Terri

me with Trent and Terri

Trent with the Simon's Sheilas
(thanks to Deb for the photo)

Trent with his fans


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