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ATWT Fan Club Luncheon
Marriott Marquis, NYC
April 13, 2002


lunch02trent6.jpg (35161 bytes)
Trent at his table, ready to sign autographs
(thanks to Liz from the fan club for the photo).


Trent was the 3rd actor announced and brought out on stage (after Terri Colombino (Katie) and Joseph Cross (Casey); the actors were announced alphabetically).  The crowd gave him a huge ovation.  There was a line of people waiting to talk to him until they dragged him away at 4, and Mindi, the fan club president, told me she sold out of his pictures!  ATWT fans are definitely glad to have their Henry back, and hopefully TPTB took notice.

lunch02cbs.jpg (19862 bytes)
Trent onstage (far left) as Martha Byrne (Lily/Rose) announced the actors (photo from

lunch02sodtrent.jpg (40871 bytes)
From Soap Opera Digest, May 7, 2002

lunch02fromrichard.jpg (16313 bytes)
Trent with Craig Lawlor (Adam), Chad Tucker (Curtis) and Hunter Garner (Billy)
(thanks to Richard at SoapVision 2000).

lunch02trent1.jpg (14751 bytes)    lunch02trent2.jpg (15530 bytes)    lunch02trent3.jpg (15233 bytes)
Trent signing autographs, taking pictures, and talking with the fans.

lunch02trentanne.jpg (14775 bytes)    lunch02trent4.jpg (24766 bytes)    lunch02anneme.jpg (20199 bytes)
Trent was sitting at a table with Anne Sayre (Mitzi), next to Don Hastings (Bob), Kathryn Hays (Kim), and Scott Holmes (Tom).

lunch02trentme.jpg (20308 bytes)    lunch02trentmeken.jpg (23229 bytes)
Trent with me and Kendra.

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Trent and Anne, with Frances and Kayla from The Marquee (thanks girls!).

lunch02trentanne4.gif (65209 bytes)    lunch02trentannecraig.gif (34532 bytes)    lunch02trentanne5.gif (81046 bytes)

lunch02trent7.gif (40346 bytes)    lunch02trentroger.gif (41565 bytes)
More photos of Trent and Anne (thanks Patty and Roger!).  To see more photos of Anne, check out her fan club site.

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