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Hurricane Katrina Benefit at Blondie's
September 27, 2005

Stars from the New York soaps gathered at the sports bar Blondie's for a celebrity bartending event.  The money raised went to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina which ravaged Trent's home state of Louisiana.  Below are some photos of the event (thanks Suzi and GabrielSky!)

kat_trent&alex.jpg (44767 bytes)    kat_trent&alex2.jpg (44808 bytes)
Trent and Alexandra Chando (Maddie Coleman)

kat_trent3.jpg (53165 bytes)    kat_trent4.jpg (38650 bytes)

kat_trent&alex&grayson.jpg (36364 bytes)
Trent with Alexandra and Grayson McCouch (Dusty)

(above photos from Suzi)

kat_trent.jpg (28449 bytes)    kat_trent2.jpg (29961 bytes)

(above photos from GabrielSky)

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