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ATWT Fan Club Luncheon
Marriott Marquis, NYC
March 27, 2004
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This was the 4th luncheon in a row that I've attended, and it's still just as exciting as the first year!  Before the luncheon Kendra and I passed out Henry tattoos to the fans.  They were all designed by Sunny who did a fabulous job, they were a big hit and we ran out of the most popular designs - the hearts.  Here's a sample of a few of the 10 designs:


The first surprise of the luncheon was the unexpected appearance of Michael Park before lunch was even served.  He had to leave early but he wanted to make sure he had a chance to talk to the fans first.  He braved the crowd by himself and was absolutely mobbed!  Fortunately we got to him before the crowd got too large.

lunch04_michael.jpg (37052 bytes)

After a delicious lunch of salad, chicken, and chocolate mousse, and the announcement of the raffle winners (not me), ATWT Fan Club President Mindi introduced Martha Byrne who again acted as the emcee.  

lunch04_stage_martha.jpg (12468 bytes)    lunch04_stage_martha2.jpg (14533 bytes)
Emcee Martha Byrne (Lily/ex-Rose)

She told us that she will be singing on the show soon (she did on the April 5 show) and that she missed Rose as much as we did.  She told us who wouldn't be there, including Hunt Block (Craig), Don Hastings (Bob), and Helen Wagner (Nancy).  This year there were no performances (from actors or fans).  Martha introduced all the actors, singly or in pairs.  When introducing Trent she said, "Comedy on daytime is really difficult, but I have to say on our show the king of that is Trent Dawson."  He received a very loud and enthusiastic reception from the crowd and gave a little bow on stage.

lunch04_trentstage.jpg (40279 bytes)    sod042004.jpg (34737 bytes)
(photos from Nana of, and Soap Opera Digest, April 20, 2004)

The actors all lined up on the stage, standing (except for the two pregnant women, Anne and Terri, who were given chairs), and were then led to their tables around the room for the autograph portion of the day.

lunch04_anne.jpg (15361 bytes)    lunch04_stage4.jpg (38492 bytes)

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lunch04_stage5.jpg (33392 bytes)

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As the actors were leaving the stage Trent posed with frequent scene partners Terri Colombino (Katie) and Mark Collier (Mark).  They joked about a "who's the daddy" story (although Katie is  not pregnant on the show).

lunch04_trent_terri.jpg (28972 bytes)    lunch04_trent_terri2.jpg (38908 bytes)    lunch04_trent_terri3.jpg (39068 bytes)

lunch04_trent_terri4.jpg (34875 bytes)    lunch04_trent_terri5.jpg (35971 bytes)
(thanks to Nana of for the above photos) of the actors...

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