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ATWT Studio
Brooklyn, NY
April 20, 2006

Kendra and I took the subway out to Brooklyn on a sunny Thursday to hang out at the ATWT studio for a couple of hours.  It's in a non-descript brick building in a residential neighborhood, but we knew we were at the right place when we saw the sign at the front door.

In the lobby while waiting for Trent we saw the Emmys!

Trent took us on a tour of the building (which is like a maze with many stairways and long hallways!).  The wall in the front hallway is covered with gorgeous head shots of the actors.

First stop - the make-up room.

Next stop - wardrobe.  It's a huge, two-story room with rows and rows of clothing, all labeled for the character.  

Here we have Henry's drag clothes, and Trent's favorite Ethel shoes (from the "I Love Katie" episode).

Carly's fabulous clothes ...

... and Lucinda's fabulous clothes.

Kendra discovered Barbara's coats!

In addition to clothes, the shelves are full of shoe boxes and accessories in plastic containers, all neatly labeled.


The final stop and the most exciting part was seeing the sets where they film the show.  There are two studios in the building, huge warehouse-like rooms with open sets along both sides of the room.  They were in various stages of being set up; here's Lily's house not quite ready for company.

We also saw Carly's house and scary basement.


The smallest looking set was definitely Katie's cottage, it was like a little girl's playhouse!

Kendra found a new job at Java.

The new library set.

Finally - Paul's apartment.

Kendra and I were thrilled to watch rehearsals (in a bare room with a few folding chairs and tables) as well as blocking and filming on the set.  In between takes we followed Trent around - hanging out in his dressing room ...

... and doing an interview with a CBS affiliate from Little Rock, Arkansas.

And finally, blocking a scene with Kelly Hensley (Emily) in preparation for filming.  (Yes, it's a hospital room, stay tuned to the show to see why!)  We also saw a scene with Henry, Meg, and Paul at Paul's apartment.

And that was the end of our day at the studio.  Thanks to Trent, the cast and crew, and everyone at the studio for making us feel so welcome!


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