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ATWT Fan Club Luncheon
Marriott Marquis, NYC
April 21, 2007

It was another fabulous weekend in New York City for the As the World Turns Fan Club Luncheon!  This was my 7th year at the luncheon, and our 4th little party that we like to call "Martinis with Henry."  Unfortunately the weekend didn't end very well; my wallet/purse/camera case was lost/stolen in Penn Station on my way to the airport (helpful tip: always zip your purse, especially in crowded train stations!).  So I won't have as many photos to share with you as I usually do.  However, I was not the only one with a camera at the events, and people have been very generous in sharing their photos with me.  Thanks to Annmarie, Barbara, Gayle, Lisa, Margaret, Shari, Sue, and Tim I think I have a decent report to share with you all.  Trent's fans really are the best!

The luncheon was held in the same location as last year - the 5th floor ballroom at the Marriott Marquis in NYC.  Doors opened at 11, and we were treated to a pleasant surprise - Terri Colombino (Katie) was signing autographs early because she had a wedding to go to in the afternoon.  That's how wonderful our ATWT actors are, even on a busy day they make time for the fans!

Terri Colombino signing autographs for her fans4

As usual, Mindi and Mary Ann at the fan club had lots of great items from the studio up for auction.  For the 4th year in a row Kendra and I passed out Henry tattoos designed by Sunny.  Here are a few examples:


After lunch and the raffle, they showed a blooper reel from last year's shows.  As usual, Michael Park was the star - he's hilarious!  Unfortunately we were not treated to that wit in person; Michael's grandfather had passed away a few days earlier so he was unable to attend.  Martha Byrne (Lily) was the solo emcee this year.  She introduced the actors by storyline groups, including the following:


Alex Charak (Elwood)

Jake Sibermann (Noah)

Alexandra Chando (Maddie)

Jennifer Landon (Gwen)

Allie Gorenc (Sage)

Jesse Lee Soffer (Will)

Ashley Marie Greiner (Faith)

Kenneth Franklin (Dallas)

Austin Peck (Brad)

Makayla Leigh (Natalie)

Daniel Manche (JJ)

Maura West (Carly)

Don Hastings (Dr. Bob)

Mick Hazen (Parker)

Eileen Fulton (Lisa)

Scott Bryce (Craig)

Elena Goode (Jade)

Terri Garber (Iris)

Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda)

Trent Dawson (Henry)

Ellen Dolan (Margo)

Van Hansis (Luke)

Ewa Da Cruz (Vienna)

Zach Roerig (Casey)

After the introductions, the actors were escorted their tables around the room and the fans were let loose!  We headed over to see old fave Scott Bryce first, along with Ellen Dolan.  He was very warm and friendly and seemed glad to hear the good reactions to him being back on the show!

lunch07_gayle_scottus.jpg (128925 bytes)
Kendra, Scott, me, and Ellen1

After visiting the kids' tables (picture the three adorable girls and the two cute boys), we headed over to Trent and Ewa's line which was among the longest at the event!

Trent and Ewa signing autographs for their fans5

lunch07_barb_trentewaus2.jpg (38712 bytes)
a candid shot of me with Trent and Ewa2

lunch07_barb_trentbarbewa.jpg (78964 bytes)
Barbara with Trent and Ewa2

lunch07_sparky_trentewa.jpg (136503 bytes)  lunch07_sparkyandtrentewa.jpg (119288 bytes)
Trent and Ewa at their table; Margaret with Trent and Ewa3

Here are a few more photos of Trent with some of the other actors.

Trent and Ewa5

Kenneth Franklin (Dallas), Ellen Dolan (Margo), and Trent5

Austin Peck (Brad), Terri Colombino (Katie), Ewa, and Trent5


We visited a few other actors before heading out at 3 to set up for ....

"Martinis with Henry!"


Thanks to the following people for the photos:

1. Gayle Anderson
2. Barbara Babbitt
3. Margaret Hale
4. Tim Key
5. Steven Bergman

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