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ATWT Fan Club Luncheon
Marriott Marquis, NYC
April 26, 2008
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The As the World Turns Fan Club Luncheon was held on Saturday April 26 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City.  I can't believe this was my eighth year attending!  You'd think it would get old hat at some point, but it's still a thrill to see the cast of one of my long-time favorite shows up close and in person.  And as usual, everyone was very gracious and welcoming and appreciative of the fans.

The doors opened at 11 (or was it 10:30?), during which time merchandise and photos were available for purchase.  There were also items from the set up for raffle, including wardrobe pieces and Oakdale newspapers used as props.  As usual, Kendra and I passed out free Henry tattoos to anyone who wanted one.  This year we had some new "Henry and Vienna" tattoos which proved to be quite popular!

After the raffle winners were announced, and the delicious meal was consumed, it was time for the main event - the introduction of the cast.  Michael Park (Jack) was the emcee, and since his usual partner, Martha Byrne (Lily) has sadly left the show, he had a new partner - his TV son Mick Hazen (Parker).  The actors in attendance this year were:

Allie Gorenc (Sage) Justine Cotsonis (Sofie)
Ashley Marie Greiner (Faith) Kathleen Widdoes (Emma)
Austin Peck (Brad) Lauretta Vaughn (Kit)
Billy Magnussen (Casey) Marie Masters (Susan)
Chantee Schuler (Bonnie) Marie Wilson (Meg)
Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara) Marnie Schulenburg (Alison)
Dylan Bruce (Chris) Meredith Hagner (Liberty)
Eileen Fulton (Lisa) Michael Park (Jack)
Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda) Mick Hazen (Parker)
Ellen Dolan (Margo) Noelle Beck (Lily)
Ellery Capshaw (Natalie) Tala Ashe (Ameera)
Eric William Morris (Matt) Terri Colombino (Katie)
Ewa Da Cruz (Vienna) Trent Dawson (Henry)
Jake Silbermann (Noah) Van Hansis (Luke)
Jennifer Landon (ex-Gwen) Wole Parks (Dallas)
Jon Prescott (Mike)

Here are some photos of the cast introduction on the stage.

emcees Michael Park (Jack) and Mick Hazen (Parker)

Michael, Mick, Allie Gorenc (Sage), Meredith Hagner (Liberty), and Lauretta Vaughn (Kit) look on as Colleen Zenk Pinter urges everyone to get an oral cancer screening from their dentist!

Jennifer Landon (ex-Gwen) is back!

Tala Ashe (Ameera), Van Hansis (Luke), Jake Silbermann (Noah), Michael, Mick, and Allie

Mick, Allie, Meredith, Lauretta, Colleen, and Jen

Billy Magnussen (Casey) came out and took pictures of the audience

lunch08_stage8.JPG (24583 bytes)   
Meredith, Lauretta, Colleen, Jen, Billy, and Eric William Morris (Matt)

Ellen Dolan (Margo) showed up and approached the stage from the audience on the opposite side, followed by Marie Masters (Susan) on the right

Justine Cotsonas (Sofie), Ellen, Tala, Van, Jake, Michael, and Mick

Wole Parks (Dallas) greets his TV boss; Marie, Chauntee Schuler (Bonnie), Kathleen Widdoes (Emma), Marie Wilson (Meg), Jon Prescott (Mike), Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda)

when Austin Peck (Brad) was announced, he ran through the audience giving out random hugs, much to the delight of the crowd.  I included this picture because that's what he looked like - a blur!

lunch08_stage19.JPG (60141 bytes)   
Chauntee, Kathleen, Marie, Jon, Elizabeth, Noelle Beck (Lily), Ashley Greiner (Faith), Ellery Capshaw (Natalie), Austin Peck (Brad), Terri Colombino (Katie), Trent, and Ewa da Cruz (Vienna)

Eileen Fulton (Lisa) proposes a Lisa/Jack love affair!

Marnie Schulenburg (Alison), Eric, Jen, Justine, Ellen, Tala, and Billy

Mick, fan club president Mindi, Meredith, Lauretta, Eileen, Colleen, Marie, and Chauntee

Jen, Justine, Ellen, Billy, Tala, and Van



actors' tables at the luncheon

"Martinis with Henry!"


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